About Sercom


The competent, practical, and detail-oriented team of Sercom is powered by their deep knowledge and experience on each of their expertise. We follow up on global headways and changes, continuously train ourselves on updated standards and frameworks and invest in ourselves and in our business.


We gradually extend our scope of services taking our clients’ needs into consideration and aiming to respond them thoroughly. We develop collaborations and cooperate with experts for special demands outside our expertise.


It is important for us to establish long term business partnerships with our clients and walk together with them on the most challenging periods of their sustainability journeys. We provide tailormade solutions through our boutique consultancy services and help them to win international awards of recognition.

With over 30 years of professional experience, we help our clients to internalize the management of sustainability impacts as a business model and crown our efforts with awards.

Our Team

Elif Özkul Gökmen

Founder and Chief Advisor

Defne Özkul Öztürk

Strategist and Trainer

Tuğba Mutlu

The Hardworker Assistant

Mario & Luigi & Yoshi & Yakışıklı

The Laziest Assistants 🙂


Buğday Association for Supporting Ecological Living

Capitals Coalition Community

ERTA Integrated
Reporting Türkiye

2022 GRI Community
2018 GRI Standards Pioneer Program Member

Ethics and Reputation Society of Turkey

Corporate Governance Association of Turkey

Sercom Danışmanlık
Çekmeköy / İSTANBUL

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